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98% - 99% Trans-Resveratrol

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98% - 99% pure Trans-Resveratrol
(pure white powder)
Supplementation decreases cardiovascular risk factors. Trans-Resveratrol is the accelerator pedal for the sirtuins genes and NMN is the fuel.
Old theories about ageing, should be disregarded according to Dr. Sinclair.
Free radicals, antioxidants, DNA damage, and mutations, is incorrect, antioxidants have failed in the anti-ageing world, Resveratrol is an antioxidant but doesn’t work like that in longevity, it steps on the accelerator pedal for sirtuins, so it’s directly controlling the bodies defences against ageing.
Recommended Dosage:
25g equals more than one years supply taking (50mg per day)
Compared to commonly used tablets, capsules and other oral dosage forms, sublingual absorption is generally much faster and more efficient. Peak blood levels of most products administered in a sublingual way are achieved within 10‐15 minutes, which is generally much faster than when you ingested orally.

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