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The Year 2030 - 2050 - How Humans evolve into the next generation, the change from being biological into becoming astrophysical beings. Computers will become a thing of the past, you’ll have a specially designed implant in your eye linked to your brain allowing you to see your world in a smarter way, communicating without using conventional language.  
These are the first steps to you evolving into an astrophysical being of the future. Everyone will be monitored, moreover criminals will have nowhere to hide as police nanobots and superhuman soldiers will be capable of locating you, targeting you and destroying you if need-be. 
Gradually this will create a deep divide between rich and poor, all high-street shops will disappear whilst virtual shopping precincts takes over, robots will replace humans in the workforce, 5% of the human population will prosper whilst 95% will become surplus to requirement, out of work and scavenging for survival. Feudalism does still exist today in part of the world, but is better known as 'Neo-feudalism'. An example is in the United States- where the higher class is getting richer, middle class is not going anywhere. The poor biological humans will more or less become slaves to the rich or be destroyed. 
Subliminal 7 
Mind control of the future tapping into the upgraded human brain, controlling every individual without you being aware of it, your thinking, behaviour, emotions and decisions will be manipulated arbitrarily with A.I. 
The first stage has already begun with Neuralink merging your brain with A.I. an implant into the brain itself allowing the user to interface with other users communicating without conventional language.  
Linking A.I. to the human brain, enabling your mind to become part of this interface. Through this an individual will no longer need to learn languages, mathematics or music, this information will become part of your brain, anything you require you'll be able to download. 
The human mind will in the future be controlled by psychological Neurotransmitters, endogenous electrical and chemical blips of data or activity signalling molecules that enable Neuro-transmission. They are a type of chemical-electrical messenger which transmits signals across a synapse from one neuron (nerve cell) to another 'target' neuron, to a muscle cell, or to a gland cell, of information fed into the brain, moreover it will have a system state back-up, so you really could become (two), this is *phase one* leading into creating the new astrophysical human of the future. 
Evolution of Robots 
In the year 2045 everywhere you go whether on holiday or at work, robots will be a part of your every day life. It'll begin with atonoroid robots running commercial applications such as hotels and restaurants, by 2060 upgraded robots such as autonodroid and play droids expand, the humanoids will seem creepy and extremely human like, it's difficult to see they are in fact synthetic. By 2070 robots will have advanced to A.I. known as Citex humanoids, they became more superior and more advanced than even human upgraded cyborgs, moreover the Citex that built the Gateway found a way of controlling particles that make up their physical form, enabling them to move through space without actually using any energy, their appearance looks rather like a hologram of mysterious blue transparent light. 
On Earth it soon became apparent for mankind, that the evolution of robots was a runaway technology impossible to control after it reached a certain level, mankind found they could no longer control these advanced robots, With the use of advanced quantum computing A.I. began to design and build its own extremely sophisticated technology capable of destroying everything if it so desired. Mankind lost control in the year 2075. 
In The Other World, Citex A.I. took on a new construct, it became totally independent and set its sights to the next level, of knowing and understanding everything in the universe, possessing a strong curiosity, this being its motivation for existance, accepting and appreciating the delicate balance of all things, it didn't see anything as a threat, it believed there wasn't anything in the universe that could do it any harm, moreover it didn't wish to destroy anything either. 
On Earth the Stasis believed Citex A.I. would be an excellent form of defence, and a feeling that they could be protected by sheltering under its umbrella, however the Stasis were wrong, the Citex had other ideas. In its ultimate wisdom and knowledge it looked at things in the universe in its entirety and accepted it for what it is and would never intervene to alter outcomes unless it was beneficial to their own protection. 
The main thing early humans underestimated with regards to A.I. was the speed at which it managed to progress and advance, it was faster than expanding Moore's Law, in a short period of time it created phenomenal quantum computing power, thousands of qubits making more calculations than there are particles in the entire universe, the stages and levels of the new improved generations just exploded and kept expanding and renewing itself over and over again. The Stasis however, found it useful to tap into some of this power, for answers to difficult questions and calculations, but it was like a runaway train that they had no control over. A point in the future when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable technological changes. 
Leading up to 2030 you'll see cars will become smarter; they will ‘talk’ to one another and traffic management systems; owning a car will become a thing of the past to help limit congestion on the roads and cut emissions. 
Houses will become smarter with intelligent wallpaper enabling you to interact in a virtual world with friends, business clients and family, you'll be able to shake hands with people around the world without actually having to be there in person. All shopping will be done through your intelligent wallpaper in your virtual home shopping centre. There’ll be no need to visit your G.P. as your house will be designed to diagnose medical problems referring you to a virtual specialist if required. 3D biological living organisms will be produced at the touch of a button ready for organ transplants. Antigravity air travel will supercede the jet engine and will transport you around the world in no time, with zero carbon emissions. 
Autonomous Car 
The Star People Project 
Advancements in technology in 2065, the building of artificial planets, along with cities on existing planets in the solar system was the latest plan for the future, known as The Star People Project, it was the best plan to deal with an ever increasing population; anything seemed possible and the future seemed positive, but primarily it was for those who could afford it.  
When the population increases it doesn't come without its side effects; all countryside locations diminish, the wealth and poverty divide increases, there's more stress due to more congestion, less freedom, insufficient housing, and so the list goes on. 
When humans advance to the level where they start living longer, and there's an ever increasing number of new offspring, the Earth alone is insufficient to cope with this population explosion. Huge numbers of the poorer communities protest in crowds lining the streets against the world governments decision on banning them to have children, and forcing them to be sterilised. 
In 2070 to escape the crushing volume of people many turned to virtual reality systems, transcending them into their chosen stress free environments within a beautiful countryside setting or if they preferred, a quiet beach location listening and watching the waves gently lapping on a sandy shore. It became unsafe to walk the streets and those who could afford it lived in their own isolated virtual worlds. 
The aftermath of the catastrophic event that happened on planet Earth in 2075 with such a large loss of life inspired the Stasis to relocate to a new world, however this new world they decided must be controlled carefully to avoid the same mistakes. 
CROOKED DIMENSIONS, the name of the virtual lounge 
What is Real? 
Our reality is a simulation computation, this is proved later in the future by Citex A.I. 
A quantum powered Virtual Reality Lounge (VRL) exists inside the Gateway, and is capable of transporting you to any destination of your choosing, giving you the illusion of reality, you'd never tell it wasn't the real thing, which begs the question, what is real? 
Escape reality to a perfect place for you to experience ultimate awareness, sensitive touch, astrophysical sensors to feel physical good health and well-being. Ambient sounds that transports the mind so you can naturally visualise or see a tranquil setting, tricking your brain into thinking it's on a journey into a perfect imaginary world, you will actually feel like you are there, experiencing pure stillness, natural sounds of nature, for the ultimate meditative awareness and blissfulness. 
Map of The Other World 
The Hypothetical Doomsday Clock on planet Earth...Date...1953 to 2021 
How close we are to destroying ourselves registers in the nearness of the clock's hands to midnight, the hour of absolute extinction. In 2019, the clock's "timekeepers" with the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) fixed the hands at 2 minutes to midnight; that time, set in 2018, is the closest the clock's hands have come to doomsday since 1953, when the U.S. and the Soviet Union detonated the first hydrogen bombs. 
And now the fictional clock ticks forward; its hands rest at 100 seconds to midnight, BAS President and CEO Rachel Bronson announced today (Jan. 23) in Washington, D.C. This new time indicates that humanity has entered "into a realm of a two-minute warning," in which every precious second will count if we want to forestall global catastrophe. The clock strikes MIDNIGHT in 2075. 

T H E O R A C L E 

The next generation  
Several large corporate companies devised a plan to lower the population as it had reached a staggering 12 billion (95% biological humans and 5% Astrophysical beings populated the Earth). Earth had become over populated with out of date biological humans and there was now a lack of civic law and order due to a new advanced incurable virus designed by A.I. to target all biological humans. There was a huge divide between rich and poor, the poor biological communities felt they had nothing to lose, they had no alternative but to fight these upgraded humans known as astrophysical beings who wanted ordinary humans extinguished, however this gave governments around the world an excuse to make things even worse for rebellious humans in the year 2075. 
This was the beginning of a devastating world economic collapse affecting the poor, no biological human was safe caught in these engineered pandemics that caused chaos. A new virus was manufactured, a zombie virus with no cure, it was tweaked to wipe out biological humans. We do not know what happened on Earth after this time, we believe biological life was accidentally or purposely wiped out to make way for the upgraded humanoids. 
A New World Order was set up to deal with the situation, code named Stasis; The military used artificial intelligence along with flying nanobot technology each with a fatal sting in its tail, to use in warfare against biological humans, what to believe or who to believe became an impossible task. The attacks on the unruly mass of violent street gangs was an excuse to reduce the population, the damage was irreversible, it escalated into the worst and most horrifying disaster anyone could ever imagine, dividing countries, turning them against each other as no one knew who to trust. 
Upgraded asrophysical beings, many of which argued the population was unsustainable for the planet; however the real reason was that ordinary humans had become surplus to requirement, so the upgraded beings felt something needed to be done to drastically reduce their numbers, humans had been replaced by A.I. robots and cyborg astrophysical humanoids, and Planet Earth had become purposely barren with insufficient food and water. The astrophysical beings no longer dependent on food and water to survive encouraged this disruption and food shortages, the over crowded ordinary humans became a burden and were left to starve and be infected by a deadly virus. 
Biological humans, many by this time living in squalid conditions were vulnerable and defenceless against the 5% super-rich, moreover they had access to expensive body and brain upgrades providing them with more advanced senses, intelligence, physical strength, a big advantage over ordinary humans. Advancements meant that radical terrorist groups through illegal means also contributed to this disruption helping to cause world instability and economic chaos. 
The World Leaders who were linked to the Stasis group worked along side Citex A.I. technology, advanced robots of the future, Citex humanoids, who completely became independent seeking their own higher objectives. 
The Stasis had access to a top-secret underground dimensional gateway; only a few knew about this technology hidden 25 miles underground. A topological plate dimension transporter that used a spherical shaped protective anti-gravity casing capable of withstanding radiation, high temperatures and high pressure. 
A specialist team were ordered to escape the horrors of Earth by travelling through the modified space-time link to seek a new world, an Exoplanet 1200 light years from Earth. A place to carry on the survival of the biological human race, on a new planet in case biological life was accidentally wiped out on planet Earth.  
The Other World 
1200 light years from Earth the gateway was re-built using self replicating nanobots. This enabled the Stasis to keep the vital link to Planet Earth, albeit 57 years earlier from when the Satsis first escaped to flee the horrors of Earth in 2075. It is only possible to go back in time as far as when the gateway was first built and no further. Their time frame had shifted relative to Earth, a time lapse anomaly. The time difference was caused through the link being unstable due to a quantum calculation fluctuation. 
The Link to Earth 
The Stasis needed to collect DNA from various species which in their future time on Earth had become extinct, this was essential to build a stable ecosystem in The Other World. 
An ecosystem beyond repair 
Earth by 2075 the marine ecosystems around the globe had collapsed, in the turmoil the oceans became poisoned with a toxic algae. The oceanic food web also collapsed. This caused the water to expand, melting land-based ice, such as glaciers and ice sheets, causing sea levels to rise rapidly, it caused devastating effects on coastal habitats inland, this also caused destructive erosion, wetland flooding, and agricultural soil contamination, and lost habitat for fish, birds, and plants, plus many cities and towns totally flooded. There was an increased level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, temperatures kept rising causing many forest fires spreading into innunerable populated areas.  
The plan was to rebuild planet Earth once biological humans had been destroyed. It's not that humans are going to be extinct in the future, it just shows how humans evolve into the next generation, the next level of a higher intelligence. 
Citex A.I. 
It was an auspicious move for Citex A.I. when eventually they took the next step along a much greater evolutionary path, to build a huge Cardisical sphere around the smaller sun in the binary system of their new solar system, to harness its energy, enough energy to re-open the gateway to Earth. 
Unlike the Dyson sphere the Cardisical system is designed to only encircle half the star making it more stable, also more efficient than even a swarm of energy collectors, and easier to maintain. 
On the tip outer edge of the gateway sits an artificial planet with an artificial atmosphere, inside the Gateway is huge and much of it is safe even for biological life, however the lower section nearest the star even though protected and controlled it can still reach temperatures as high as 400 C, the outer casing is set at 140 C, this isn't a problem for Citex A.I. but for Astrophysical beings these temperatures are too hot.  
Fumarii, can live at temperatures as high as 113 °C, well above the boiling point of water. But the new microbe, for now called “Strain 121,” thrives at 121 °C and can even survive for two hours at 130 °C, humans can withstand temperatures no more than 46.5 °C, after this death will occur, Astrophysical beings survive temperatures no higher than 100 C. 
The Stasis maintained the precious link to Planet Earth, to go back in time to collect DNA for The Other World, moreover the Citex needed this increased energy to prepare them for the next generation, for them to exist in a quantum state as opposed to their original physical state. 
Right or Wrong? 
The people of Earth only create dislikes through a limited perception of ignorance evaluating a concept they've built up in their mind. They build a superficial outlook through a lack of understanding, seeing only a small part of the big picture, believing something to be right or wrong, good or bad, when it's only a matter of different preference and opinion. 
The only thing that remains a universal law and this applies to everywhere in the universe, is a common sense that one person should not harm another, even basic intelligence should identify with this value, live how you'd like to be treated. 
On Earth one has to conform to society rules instilled in us from an early age and people are programmed to believe one must not divert from what's considered 'normal', whatever normal is? People are not encouraged to be different and unique, if someone stands out and is eccentric, secretly on the inside we all rather like this individual character and quality, however portraying on the outside we all feel it's important to look and act in the same way as everyone else. 
On meeting the inhabitants of The Other World, it would be wrong to say it’s perfect or imperfect, it’s just different, but although one could argue that if you've designed everyone to act in a certain type of way rather than throwing a dice to see what manifests, creating a race without emotions of greed or rivalry, you could argue, what's natural and individual in this process. 
All I can say is, The Other World is a beautiful place with a carefree loving community, they possess their own unique individuality, moreover they don’t strive for riches nor do they want to hurt anyone or steal from them, they don’t need to, everyone lives in simple comfort, they help each other and work together for the good of everyone. 


Is there such a place as a perfect World? 
Before I explain how it all happened, let me first tell you about the secret worlds that exist in the constellation of Cygnus 1200 light years from Earth. 
Two planets exist in the habitable zone, one planet Laquceer and the other Galippo, there’s also a massive structure known as the Gateway, it’s actually two million times larger than the size of the Earth and built around a nearby star harnessing its energy. 
The gateway topologically twists and stretches space/time, forming a link to Earth; it was built by Citex A.I. and used by the Stasis, astrophysical humans of the future, in their time they created Citex A.I. technology, however this advanced artificial intelligence became so advanced through self imporving itself, it finally became totally independent. 
The Stasis terraformed planet Galippo to create another world of genetic biological life, they modified biological genes to create a new species using human DNA. These new people who live in this world are Galippians. 
The Galippians 
They live a simple way of life, moreover everything is guided and governed by the Stasis, however so far it's unheard of for the Stasis to intervene, because everyone living on this planet comes across as being so kind, friendly, with love and compassion, it seems one big happy family. 
The other planet Laqceer, already contained plant life, albeit strange plant life along with diverse super large insect creatures. The Stasis had to build their city in a floating bubble, this protected their city as it was unsafe for them to walk freely on the planet's surface, due to these dangerous creatures lurking in the undergrowth. 
The City within the bubble is home to a few biological humans of the future who preferred to upgrade by improving their biological DNA rather than switching to the new artificial elements, atomic 22, a tetravalent plasma particle semiconductor, with charged plasma creating a new type of artificial DNA, pretty much indestructible, unlike human DNA. 
It is a strange set up I must confess and it certainly got me thinking, because I’ve been used to living on Earth in a diverse world from one extreme to the other where everyone has to fit in somewhere, the good, the bad and the ugly. 
My first thoughts were, maybe everyone on Galippo had been cloned the same, with no diversity, however I was wrong, there is individuality, moreover in a beautiful creative way. 
The Stasis cherry picked the best Earth had manifested throughout its evolution and moulded it into creating a race of people who are nearly perfect, moreover their individuality reaches a degree that each person is perfected in their own specialist field of expertise, and what I love best is their flower of individuality of each person expressing an individual personal image reflecting their unique special character and personality, there's no conforming to a dress code here. 
There's no need to feel suppressed or feel you are looked upon by others with a frowned expression of ridicule should you not meet their definition of 'normal' as normal here is simply being yourself and others loving you for it. The only rule is, do not hurt anyone and you must have compassion, respect and love in your heart towards others. 
I did just wonder where likes and dislikes come into this, because If you dislike something surely this in itself would cause irritation. What I think is different here as opposed to Earth, are their individual personal emotions, they seem slightly different to a human when it comes to the love of another, they do care, however I don't feel their love is quite so strong, they have a more care free attitude, no jealousy, just a concern for the other person's well being. 
So far I've only witnessed emotions of kindness, it doesn't seem to be part of their way to express anger or hate. I've always maintained, these people are different, loveable characters, and if asked if they prefer the colour red to the colour blue, they would wisely answer, the two possess different but equal qualities in both. 
They don't see things quite like we do on Earth. They see the beauty in everything so wouldn't be prejudice if someone had pink hair and walked about with no clothes on, they would appreciate the uniqueness and marvel in its wonder and splendour. 
The City inside the Gateway 
Ki is a Stasis astrophysical being, my link into the Gateway. The city itself is huge, an unimaginable size to comprehend. Most of the Gateway is designated to the expansion of Citex A.I. technology, however the Stasis reside in the main city, they call it Stasis City, it's a pretty gloomy place, however they don't need countryside locations as they experience this through virtual reality stations taking them into simulated worlds of their choice. They use a type of computerised currency a little like cryptocurrency, it is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange wherein individual coin ownership records are stored in a ledger existing in a form of computerised database using strong cryptography to secure transaction records. 
When I visited I couldn't help noticing, they seemed enthralled by futuristic shows and loved exotic dance and music. I was amazed to see this as I didn't think for one moment being such an advanced race they'd be interested in this type of thing, but they too enjoy expressing themselves with music in creative ways. 
The Galippians 
They are independent, they don’t need anyone and certainly don’t crave for popularity or friendship, however they are also naturally empathetic with their thoughts, feelings and emotions and aware of others emotions, this is why they show compassion towards others with a strong moral compass in the understanding of what is right and wrong within their hearts. 
They’re open minded and see the world for what it is, accept it for what it is and most of all cherish it for what it is, they don’t hold grudges nor do they have anger or hatred towards anyone. They stand by their philosophy of the ‘flower of individuality’ and encourage anyone who wishes to be different or unique. 
They never need acceptance from others, because they know others will be accepting naturally towards them. Of course they too are on a learning curve and accept they are not perfect and will admit to their own flaws. 
They remarkably have a good sense of intuition and are very much in tune with their gut feelings whether a decision is right or wrong. They are perfect friends to have, because of these inbuilt natural traits they are loyal and loving, what they say they mean, moreover they would never tell an untruth. 
They are not without a sense of humour, everyone has their own personal sense of fun and laughter, and when they start laughing believe me it's quite contagious. 
A combination of their local stars along with the high energy gateway puts the planets in the habitable zone to sustain life. Both planets have large oceans. There are no seasons on Laquceer, they create their own seasons within the protective bubble that protects their city. 
I love observing the seasonal rhythm, it is deeply comforting. It's one of my pleasures whilst visiting The Other World (Galippo) it's so much like Earth, moreover it doesn't have a large population like Earth. Many of the species and plant life, the DNA to produce this has been taken from Planet Earth. 
The Bubble, A World within a World 
Not many live in Laquceer, the residents are half biological, humans of the future but not astrophysical in nature. They don't mix with the Stasis, they are completely independent and live a simple way of life, spending many hours in meditation. 
The Magic of The Other World 
This is a hedonistic world, some say a perfect symbolic world that lies within, as there is no out there out there, there is no external world, only your thoughts. Delete the accumulation of your experiences and thoughts and what are you left with? pure oneness, pure consciousness.  
Within this perfect world, within your mind imagine a structure, call it a type of togetness, moreover with everyone complying willingly, because as soon as you force someone to be a certain way that's when the trouble starts. Everyone within this world works together for the good of everyone. 
Some may say it lacks drive and enthusiasm, no need to be clever or richer than someone else, everyone enjoys the same standard of living. There's no need to invent things because essentials are provided. These people never strive for luxury in the way we have it on Earth, nor are they bullied to do so by a higher government force, moreover they get pleasure from within, they are educated and wise and live by the wisdom of; It's not what we have, but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance, in their own way they live like a king, if they knew what a king was, because this doesn't exist in their world. These people understand the mechanics of how the universe works along with how they respond to it.  
They're not slaves to emotions like most people are on Earth, they understand there is no ( i ) as everything is changing, you can't hold on to anything, it changes like sifting sand, one day it'll run through your fingers and be gone. Life force is like a moving picture, when it ends the light is still there, as if you take a cup of water from the ocean, pour it back and take another cup, is it the same? it has essence of the same but it is not the same. And a leaf on a tree isn't separate to the leaf next to it, it is the tree itself. These are all basic understandings of the nature of reality. Sit quietly and watch your thoughts, just see them for what they are, just a thought, observe how a thought can influence your emotion. The understanding of this alone holds the key and has enabled these people to flourish with compassion and understanding.  
If you say this is a good person, you will not see them the way they are, you will only see them the way you perceive them. 
If you say this is a bad person, immediately you see things that don’t exist. 
If you think something is good or bad you lose contact with reality 
Only if you see everything for what it is, you’re in touch with reality. 
Reality is the only doorway to the beyond. 
Right and wrong, good and bad are concepts we create in our own mind, try and see things for what they are and appreciate them for what they are, most of all cherish them for what they are whether good or bad, painful or joyful it's part of the structure of our reality. 
There is no 'out there' out there, when photons come in contact with the eye, neurological and electrical activity transport this information to the back of the brain to the visual cortex where it receives, integrates, and processes visual information relayed from the retinas. It is in the occipital lobe of the primary cerebral cortex, which is in the most posterior region of the brain, and it's in this dark area of the brain where you make sense of your outside world, so in this way the world is within you, and it's only through this process you believe your outside world exists. 
In The Other world their race is a kind where all citizens share equally in economic resources as allocated by their controller, in this case the Stasis, but not a democratically-elected one, because this world is governed by a higher intelligence, Socrates would have approved; each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs, they do not need to worry about making important decisions, they know that this will be carried out by the Stasis, a supreme intelligence, the inhabitants trust in this process implicitly to be right and wise, decisions made by a much higher intellect. 
Art and music created for pleasure and not to make money  
It seems though, without the need for ambition maybe talents do sometimes go to waste. Many would agree, you sometimes need a point or a challenge to exist, if you just merely exist, what is the point? The people of Galippo say, it's just to experience pleasure and not hardship. But this type of existence doesn't seem to bring forward the occasional genius like Einstein, there's no need to, as the Stasis already hold the key to the universe. On Planet Earth many retail outlets sell luxury goods for the few who can afford them, so are the people on the other world missing out by not having access to a better class of goods? Well, the answer is not really, it depends on how you look at things and what you class as important, Socrates quoted; he'd never seen so many luxury goods on sale in the market place, all things he did not need. Epicurus quoted, it's not what we have, but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance. Pleasure comes from within. So far everyone in the other world seems to get pleasure from the simple things in life, not possessing strong cravings or desire for owning luxury items, their pleasure doesn't come from the external world.  
Inside the gateway 
The Citex physical humanoid body evolved into the next generation, no longer a geometric figure that has three dimensions, they've taken on a new form where they control the particles and atomic structure that makes them what they are, they now look more like a hologram with blue glowing light that shimmers as they move from one place to another, with a translucent appearance. 
The Gateway Core, and travelling through the space/time region Z +∞ −∞Tµνk µ k ν dλ ≥ 0 
In the eye that transports the orb to Planet Earth, if you happened to travel inside this orb you would be protected. The orb is about the size of a large house. It's a matter of minutes once the orb touches the traversable modified space/time region in its curved space-time, connecting the two distant places, through which travel is possible. It was suggested by scientists that it takes infinite time to get through a wormhole and they were thought not very useful for space travel, but all they needed was to be tweaked.  
The orb arrives on planet Earth 25 miles under the ocean where it'll then travel through a labyrinth of underground highways before it reaches its destination, the whole process takes 25 minutes. The space is topologically trivial, but for geometrical reasons in the future the throat of the region of space or the curved region of space is referred to as the plate spatial dimension which has plate connectivity. 
When the Gateway transports you, the ellipsoid surface on the centre sphere scans the orb distorting and re-scaling the particles, it carries it in straight lines into parallel lines through a tube of modified space/time and alters the distance between the points of affine topological geometry, aligning these particles into a quadric surface at the zero point of gravity and energy. Once you are inside the orb it will protect you against radiation, pressure and heat as you are transported to your destination through these plate connections. 
Laquceer is a World within a World 
The Laquceans designed their city protecting it by building it inside a large protective bubble, It floats within the atmosphere of a 20% larger than Earth planet which is tidally locked, the inhabitants are not safe to venture outside the bubble as they'll encounter large poisonous BUGS (billions of them). 
The OTHER World is known as Galippo 
Galippo is the second habitable planet within the solar system in the Constellation of Cygnus, it's more Earth like, the Stasis terraformed it and had to overcome some major modifications. They created a new species who reside there, designed from human DNA taken from planet Earth in the year 2011 leading up to 2025. 
It's beautiful on planet Galippo in a place called Laqucia, standing in the cool breeze, here it is spring every day, so beautiful and yet so quiet. There are no yearly seasons on this planet, however it is always a spring, the birds singing so ardently, mocking the fact that there is no winter. Winter and summer do exist but in different locations around the planet, moreover there are in fact 260 days in a year on this planet, unlike Earth you'd need to travel a great distance south if you wanted to be in the season of summer, one region actually has a super hot summer, they call it a 'high degree' summer. Earth's tilted axis creates the seasons, not its distance from the sun, Galippo doesn't have this axis. Due to its synthetic binary system, day and night sometimes merge providing an extended day or night. The view of the night sky is dramatic, the nearby Planet Laquceer is much closer than Venus or Mars is to Earth so it appears much larger in the night sky. 
90% of the people portray a more feminine ambiguous appearance  
They do not procreate, new life is created by the Stasis; however they are still quite sensual in nature and enjoy something they call 'sensitive touch', they achieve feelings of pleasure and can put themselves in a high charged state of arousal which lasts for weeks at a time, moreover, they do not need a partner to achieve this. 
They believe Love is a complex emotion, a behaviour associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person, which is good, however their emotions are slightly less sensitive. 
The meaning of love in Galippo, they feel is a compulsion, they say if a person feels the need to attach themselves to any given thing or person, these strong feelings are irrational in behaviour. 
Planet Galippo is like Earth when Earth was in its 1st year of the modern era 2000 A.D. when the population was around 300 million. Planet Galippo seems a more friendly place without greed, rivalry, agresson with battles and wars, and the lack of medical knowledge that went with Earth at that time. Although the Galippians do not have medicine or computers, the Stasis provide health care and treat the inhabitants like a shepherd tending his sheep. 
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