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2020 - 2060 reaches its peek in Earth's Cycle 
indicating dramatic change, 
world pandemic, economic downturn, 
countries divided, skirmishes and hostilities, 
this is not the end, this is the beginning of the end. 
5% of biological humans evolve to the next generation 


Harvard University biologist Edward O. Wilson 
Harvard University biologist Edward O. Wilson, said "If the World population reached 9 billion, this would be unsustainable, based on calculations of the Earth's available resources". 
Five scientific predictions  
by Professor Stephen Hawking 
From catastrophic climate change to alien invasion, the theoretical physicist’s thoughts about what might lie ahead were often far from optimistic. 
1. Gene editing 
In his recently published posthumous collection of articles and essays, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, Stephen Hawking forecast that genetic editing techniques will give rise to a breed of “superhumans”, “a race of self-designing beings who are improving at an ever-increasing rate”. 
2. Artificial intelligence 
In 2017, the professor told Wired magazine that the AI “genie is out of the bottle”. He was fearful that developments in artificial intelligence will give rise to “a new form of life that will outperform humans”. 
3. Space exploration 
To ensure humanity’s survival, the theoretical physicist thought we would have to colonise other planets and solar systems. “Spreading out may be the only thing that saves us from ourselves. I am convinced that humans need to leave Earth,” he told an audience at a Norwegian science and arts festival in 2017. 
4. Climate change 
Hawking also had concerns about climate change, which were amplified by the election of Donald Trump as president in 2016. “Trump’s action (pulling out of the Paris agreement) could push the Earth over the brink, to become like Venus, with a temperature of 250C and raining sulphuric acid,” Hawking told BBC News. 
5. Alien contact 
He also thought that should we make contact with extraterrestrials the outcome might not be positive. In 2010, he told the Discovery Channel: “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.” 
What if the ozone layer disappeared? 
The ozone layer prevents most harmful UV wavelengths of ultraviolet light (UV light) from passing through the Earth's atmosphere. These wavelengths cause skin cancer, sunburn and cataracts, which are projected to increase dramatically as a result of thinning ozone, as well as harming plants and animals. 
Mother Shipton 
Mother Shipton 
Ursula Southeil (1488 - 1561), better known as Mother Shipton, was an English soothsayer and prophetess. The first publication of her prophecies, which did not appear until 1641, eighty years after her death, contained a number of mainly regional predictions. Did you speak about the end of the world? It all goes to personal interpretation. 
When pictures seem alive with movements free 
When boats like fishes swim beneath the sea, 
When men like birds shall scour the sky 
Then half the world, deep drenched in blood shall die. 
And in some far off distant land 
Some men - oh such a tiny band 
Will have to leave their solid mount 
And span the earth, those few to count, 
Who survives this (unreadable) and then 
Begin the human race again. 
Theoretical physicist and futurist,  
Professor Michio Kaku predicts  
that in a mere 100 years, humanity will make the leap from a type zero civilisation to a type I civilisation on the Kardashev Scale. 
In other words, we'll become a species that can harness the entire sum of a planet's energy. Wielding such power, 26th-century humans will be masters of clean energy technologies such as fusion and solar power. Furthermore, they'll be able to manipulate planetary energy in order to control global climate. Physicist Freeman Dyson, on the other hand, estimates the leap to a type I civilisation would occur within roughly 200 years. 
The Star People Project 
The Laqucia Prophecy 
Advancements in technology in 2065, the building of artificial planets, along with cities on existing planets in the solar system was the latest plan for the future, known as The Star People Project, it was the best plan to deal with an ever increasing population; anything seemed possible and the future seemed positive, but primarily it was for those who could afford it. 
Rapid increase in Methane Emissions 
Abrupt thawing under Arctic lakes, causing soil microbes in the permafrost that turn that carbon into greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane, which then enter into the atmosphere and contributes to climate warming. The cause of the rapid increase in methane emissions since 2007 has puzzled scientists. But new research finds some surprising culprits in the methane surge and shows that fossil-fuel sources have played a much larger role over time than previously estimated. 
The melting of ice is releasing large quantities of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, causing further warming in a strong positive feedback cycle. Research in the Siberian Arctic has shown clathrate-derived methane being released through perforations in the seabed permafrost. 
Russian scientists studying Arctic waters found the most powerful ever methane jets shooting up from the seabed to the water's surface, they said Friday. Igor Semiletov, the chief scientist aboard a vessel carrying 65 scientists on a 40-day research voyage, told CNN via satellite phone that he found amounts of methane in the air over the East Siberian Sea up to nine times the global average. 
Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, with a significantly greater global warming potential than carbon dioxide, according to NASA. The methane emissions in the Arctic, fueled by the melting of permafrost on the sea floor, are one driver of climate change, NASA said. 
The emissions are presenting a growing risk. 
The Laqucia Prophecy 
The Earth in time will become like Venus, with it's atmosphere 90 times more massive. The atmosphere will mostly consist of carbon dioxide gas (about 96%), with some nitrogen (about 3%) and a very small amount of water vapour (0.003%) with thick layers of sulphuric acid clouds. Man made Co2 will never decrease to safe levels. 
Is this the end of the World prediction? 
Scientists think not. 
A spiritual organisation predicts that the world will end in 2027, when an asteroid collides with Earth in accordance with Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi's predictions. Based on new tracking observations taken this week, IAWN has 
confirmed that asteroid PDC is on a course to almost impact the Earth on July 13th, 2027, less than 7 years from now. 
Sir Isaac Newton End of World in 2060 
Not the End of the World, but a transition and the end of Biological life evolving into the next generation, cyborgs, A.I. and Astrophysical life. 
Despite the dramatic nature of a prediction of the end of the world, Isaac Newton wasn't referring to the 2060 date as a destructive act resulting in the annihilation of the earth and its inhabitants, but rather one in which he believed the world was to be replaced with a new one based upon a transition into a new era. 

Hubble Ultra Deep Field 

10,000 galaxies, called the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (HUDF), the image contains as many as 10,000 galaxies of all shapes, sizes, colours, and ages. Taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, this benchmark view represents a “core sample” of galaxies at various distances and therefore different eras in our universe's history. 
Space-time is a fabric and on the other side of this fabric it connects into a mirror universe, the space-time fabric is just the outer shell connecting the illusion of one universe into another. The other connecting universe will be a mirror universe of ours, an infinite number of endless universes connect like bubbles stretching into a limitless expanse of infinity. 
Every outcome exists within the interwoven fabric of space-time, this fabric is continuous, smooth, and gets curved and deformed by the presence of matter and energy. The past, present and future, everything that can happen will happen woven into the fabric, it's something within from which something else originates. The dimensions outside our universal internal access memory is a dimension which is not accessible, however it does exist, we can only access the dimensions within our internal universal system. Outside the matrix contains where our real reality is made, it's where everything is programmed, our coded instructions for the automatic performance of what we call reality, moreover whatever exists within its memory will be played out again and again, this includes your life. 
The Big Bang theory 
In the early stages when the universe was born, it is suggested that everything was compressed to an infinitesimally dense state, however this dense state is referred to as being the size, if not smaller than an atom, however, the vector basis for an infinite dimensional vector space, in this case, space/time, when matter is infinitely dense, such as at the centre of a black hole, the singularity point however is suggested to be infinite, whereas it extends infinitely. 
The gravitational singularity 
A black hole with gravity that approaches infinity, space/time goes toward infinite curvature and matter is crushed to infinite density under the pull of infinite gravity, however the existence of the singularity point does not exist in this dimension of infinity, it merely carries on weaving and twisting its way through the fabric of space/time connecting into a mirror universe. 
How to manifest your desires 
Step 1: Be clear in your mind what it is you want. 
Step 2: Ask the universe, and believe in the process, visualise in meditation that you already have achieved your goal, don't make the mistake of just wanting it; or all you'll be doing is creating the wanting. You need to believe you already have what it is you desire, that's the subtle secret within the secret that many make the mistake of not seeing. 
Step 3: Don't just sit back and do nothing, you'll need to plant the seeds and show the universe a positive approach to what you are trying to achieve. 
Step 4: Trust in the process and believe strongly in it. 
Step 5: Acknowledge what you receive by thanking the universe. 
Step 6: Keep Your Vibration High. 
Step 7: Clear any negative thoughts you may have. 
Remember; The law of the universe. 
Don't expect the impossible, because no matter how much you believe, you'd never stop yourself falling off a cliff once you've toppled over the edge, keep your desires and goals believable. 
Be Aware of; your natural limitations, take the middle path without being too fanatical, however don't be too restricted in your abilities either, especially in your long term goals. Have long term and short term goals, this process needs to start off in small steps, a bit like training for the marathon, after time you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. 
You Must Believe to Create. 
Creative thought 
All you need is to start to see your entire life as a creative endeavour, one where any challenge or problem you come across can have a creative solution. By using some of these strategies every day, you can learn how to intertwine creativity into your everyday life. 
When researchers studied people in creative fields, one of the main things they found was that they were very good at re-conceptualising the problem before starting on design. Advanced art students whose ideas were judged most creative were the ones that had concentrated the most in this initial ‘problem formulation’. 
They are also good at reconsidering the problem after the task has been completed. A group led by Keith Markman from Ohio University found that people could double their creativity by thinking about the counterfactual or ‘what could have been’. This viewpoint made them come up with even better ideas, and more creative thinking for future problems. 
Whenever you have a task ahead of you, make sure you take the time beforehand to plan out different ways to approach it, coming up with as many creative solutions as possible (even if they are far out). When you are done with the task, then take the time to see what you could have done differently. This will then feed into the creative thinking for your next project. Everyone is capable of creative thought, and everyone can learn to harness their creativity over time. 
A myth of creativity is that it thrives under pressure. Though there are good examples of people coming up with unique solutions in extraordinary circumstances (see the story of NASA engineers during the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission), giving yourself time to think over a problem is far better for a creative solution. 
This is called the incubation time, and seems to be crucial for real creativity. Allowing your mind to wander allows it to take all of the information you have learned (this part is crucial; if you haven’t put anything in, you will get nothing out) and play around with it, trying different ideas and creative solutions. This perceptual decoupling can aid your creative insight. 
As can sleep. Scientists found that having a nap right after learning a task helped the subjects to understand the task better when they woke up. Having a short nap after you have taken in information allows you to remember and use that information better. 
If you are having trouble coming up with creative ideas, make sure you take some time away from your desk, perhaps even in your bed, to allow your mind to rest, assimilate the information, and come up with new and better ideas. 
Seeing a problem from another person’s perspective can also work as a creative strategy. This psychological distance is just like walking away for 5 minutes and giving yourself some time. You will start to see the problem from another viewpoint and that stimulates new ideas. 
New York researchers studied how creative people were coming up with ways to get out of a prison. In the first task, the subjects were asked for ways they would themselves get out of prison, whereas in the second task, they had to help someone else escape. They were far more creative during the second task, when they were not mentally enclosed in a prison cell. 
This is the same idea as the metaphor, think outside the box. When you are in the box, you feel restricted, both physically and mentally, but when you are outside your body and mind can flourish. 
Whenever you come across an intractable problem, try and see it from someone else’s point of view, ideally different to yours to see if that helps you gain insight. 

Out of the body experiences 

Distinctions should be drawn between astral Projection, etheric projection and travel, and 
‘out of the body experiences’ (OOBEs). 
The etheric body, ether-body, æther body, a name given by neo-Theosophy to a vital body or subtle body propounded in esoteric philosophies as the first or lowest layer in the "human energy field" or aura. It is said to be in immediate contact with the physical body, to sustain it and connect it with "higher" bodies. 
OOBEs are usually involuntary; the classic case is floating above your own body in a hospital operating theatre, watching and hearing what is going on during your operation, while your body lies anaesthetised below you. There are too many accounts of this to dismiss the experience as imaginary, and the physiological/psychological explanation does not cover everything. True, we all know what an operating theatre looks like from films, and our ears are still capable of working even if our eyes are closed, so our unconscious brain can listen and interpret what it hears. On the other hand, patients have described in clear detail nurses and doctors who have only been present during the operation itself, or equipment which is not usually in an operating theatre. 
An out-of-body experience (OBE), which some might also describe as a dissociative episode, is a sensation of your consciousness leaving your body. These episodes are often reported by people who’ve had a near-death experience. 
People typically experience their sense of self inside their physical body. You most likely view the world around you from this vantage point. But during an OBE, you may feel as if you’re outside yourself, looking at your body from another perspective. 
What really goes on during an OBE? Does your consciousness actually leave your body? Experts aren’t totally sure, but they have a few hunches. 
What does an OBE feel like? 
It’s hard to nail down what an OBE feels like, exactly. According to accounts from people who’ve experienced them, they generally involve: 
a feeling of floating outside your body 
an altered perception of the world, such as looking down from a height 
the feeling that you’re looking down at yourself from above 
a sense that what’s happening is very real 
OBEs typically happen without warning and usually don’t last for very long. 
If you have a neurological condition, such as epilepsy, you may be more likely to experience OBEs, and they may happen more frequently. But for many people, an OBE will happen very rarely, maybe only once in a lifetime. 
Some estimates suggest at least 5 percent of people have experienced the sensations associated with an OBE, though some suggest this number is higher. 
The range of infrasound is generally accepted to be between 0-20 hertz with a specific area of interest between 17 and 19 hertz. Tests by NASA have revealed that the human eyeball resonates at around 18Hz, to which infrasound exposure may cause a reaction and lead to hallucinations. 
Because the brain turns off the body's ability to move during dreaming, muscles can lose their tone, or tension, causing paralysis. In addition, people report out of body experiences, sometimes accompanied by "autos-copy" when they look down on themselves. 
The psychedelic drug DMT produces an effect in the brain similar to that felt by people undergoing near-death experiences, according to a new study. A powerful hallucinogen, the substance is widely used for ceremonial purposes in South America as part of the brew known as ayahuasca. 

Do we really need to worry about all this crazy stuff about climate change and the Earth heading for doom and gloom? The analogy for planet Earth’s situation is; it’s easy to look around you and see the beautiful sun shining through the tree tops and the blue sky above, the trees blowing in the breeze with the gentle sounds of a stream winding its way down through the valley.   It all looks so beautiful, clean and fresh and there’s no way anyone would believe anything could ever be under any threat.  It’s a bit like someone who drinks and smokes too much, they’d look at you saying, let me live my life, I’m happy and healthy, all this hype about smoking and drinking too much, it's not unhealthy, is a load of old rubbish, there’s nothing wrong with me.  Be wise and do not bury your head in the sand. These things if ignored have a habit of catching up with us if we’re not careful; it’s the same with planet Earth. Yes everything is fine now, and it will be next year and the year after that.   Oh you might say, all this hype of overestimating the urgency and the danger is a load of old rubbish, there’s nothing wrong with Earth to worry ourselves about.  Realistically, it’s like a pendulum swinging too far one way, one needs to be sensible and not over react, whilst on the other hand be wise and not bury ones head in the sand either.   Look at the science, look at the working model to see what’s going on, nothing will happen over night; the problems are gradual, which take years of slow change, but it is a significant change over time.  

Increased population, and quantum A.I. will spell disaster for 95% of the human race.  
2075 the true wilderness will no longer exist in the world because it becomes so densely populated and humanised. 2020 there is no wilderness left in the British countryside, not at least in comparison to the vast areas of wilderness found in places like Alaska, Canada or Antarctica. 
Poetry Art. Co-Creator - Rose Avery  
Like humming birds, Scientific words, Fly from his brain, To the techno-terrain, Of manifest dreams, Themes of glory, And derring-do, Emerge with clout, From his mental brew, Gene pool/cellular stew, He claims his patents, Make life easier, Though some of us, Are getting wheezier, But who can better, The vaulted blue? This glorious Earth, Gem of a spiralling universe, That gives a home, To every birth, Where man has, made his bed, And must lie in it too, Why should we wish, to remake the world? But oh yes, Yes, we do. 
What is outside our Known  
The Isotropic universe 
The cosmological principle states that the distribution of matter in any part of the universe looks roughly the same as in any other part, regardless what direction you look; in scientists' terms, the universe is isotropic, having a physical property which has the same value when measured in different directions. 
"Is it possible to go somewhere where you could look 'beyond' the universe," the way one might peer beyond a cliff edge or look out a window to see the outside of a building? The answer is "no." You'll never be able to go beyond the universe without travelling thgrough a higher dimension, and some dimensions are impossible to reach as they are not set for our universal laws. 
But how can the universe be expanding if there is no end or edge to it? 
Using the balloon analogy, if one were to add more air to the balloon, one point on the surface would observe another point on the balloon's surface getting farther away. And the greater the distance between one point and another, the faster that object would be receding. But no matter where the point skittered, the speed at which those objects were receding would follow the same relations; if one point came up with an equation describing how fast the farthest objects were receding, it would work the same way anywhere on the balloon's surface. 
However, balloons, when blown up, are expanding into a three dimensional space. The problem is that this doesn't apply to the universe. By definition, the universe contains everything, so there is no "outside." Physicist Stephen Hawking has often said that the whole question makes no sense, because if the universe came from nothing and brought everything into existence, then asking what lies beyond the universe is like asking what is north of the North Pole. 
So is there something outside the universe? 
The answer to this question isn't an easy one to describe, firstly we begin with a quisicrystal layer that scientists have been researching, they believe they exist outside the boundaries of our known universe from an 8 dimensional geometrical quasiperiodic crystal, or quasicrystal, this is a structure that is ordered but not periodic. A quasicrystalline pattern can continuously fill all available space, but it lacks translation symmetry, through this it projects what we call reality. Hypothetically this is only the outer shell or lens that is connected to our universe. 
The real reality comes from information outside these boundaries, information created by a processing system of data, according to these instructions given to it by a variable set of distinct pieces of information, this makes up our 3D ‘reality’ (plus time and motion) it's contained on a 2D surface beyond our known universe within an 8 dimensional boundary, and beyond this is a dimension impossible to reach. 
This is where you'll find the information for everything we see, feel, hear and experience. 
Within this boundary is a unique intelligence that contains everything, every dimension, every experience, what seems to us as boundless space and time is in fact a higher dimension leading to the one we are currently in. If you go beyond this, you step inside a space/time reality into a dimension set to different laws and physics, far beyond our comprehension, this stretches into infinitely and what seems to be the abyss, a seamless coat of immeasurable elements of something more complex and indescribable. And yet even this has an edge leading into a mirror dimension of us. We created ourselves and we'll create ourselves again and again, a hall of mirrors stretching into eternity, an endless recording being played over and over. 
Did this just miraculously happen? 
The answer isn't easy, we look at time as being something that starts and finishes, and space, something that has an edge, we only see the limited dimensions we are occupying, and we only sense our outside world through a limited perception, to suggest there is no beginning and no end is hard for us to understand. 
The universe only has the illusion of infinite space 
It actually wraps itself around a higher dimension in the same way that a 2D surface of a sphere wraps around itself in three dimensions. However this only applies to the universe dimension, dimensions outside the known universe do exist, they are infinite, like a hall of mirrors stretching into eternity. 
The Secret... Shh... it's only a secret if you don't tell anyone. 
Everything that comes into your life that you experience comes from an information source. It does so through the power of your thoughts. You are the universe and the universe is you. Through the Universal Law everything you see around you with the expectation of seeing it, it's this expectation, exploration and observation that creates it. 
The overall outline of your life is mapped out with information outside our known universe, however not everything is set in stone, the power of your thoughts are connected, and if you tap into this wisely you have the ability to bring good things into your life. Although the future already exists, it exists within the fabric of space/time that holds infinite outcomes, you need to guide your life in the same way as you'd steer the rudder on a boat guiding your vessel in the direction of your chosen destiny. 
Your destiny is what's meant to be, what's written in the stars, your inescapable fate. There's no avoiding destiny, it's going to happen no matter what you do, this is not entirely true, you have serendipity, the probability card, the ability to believe and create, altering events that seem to happen by chance. 
Savant syndrome, proves we're not all biologically the same and our learning ability in all of us is varied. 
All humans are unique, we all have a unique brain, most of us possess skills at a level of knowledge and talent which we take for granted, moreover because the human species is diverse, sometimes the contrast from one person to another can be quite different, making certain people stand out from the rest, known as Savant syndrome, who possess super-human abilities. 
The point is, everyone can benefit from a positive mental outlook in life and the way you project your thoughts is imperative to how you achieve your personal goals that are special to you, yes one can learn and achieve as you go through life with hard work and dedication, moreover because of diversity within the brain one must also accept personal limitations. A deaf person learning to speak will find this personal task just as challenging, and it should be praised just as much as someone else who has achieved a personal objective. 
A way to improve your life and help bring the good things in you most desire is through meditation. Through the mind you can make yourself well or ill, you can attract wealth, happiness, or sadness. With regular meditation it can help with creating positive affirmations which will amazingly improve your life. In the future we will be linked with A.I. and evolve to all be the same with no individuality. 
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