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Everyone is capable of creative thought, and everyone can learn to harness their creativity over time. 
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Creativity and Design 

All you need is to start to see your entire life as a creative endeavour, one where any challenge or problem you come across can have a creative solution. By using some of these strategies every day, you can learn how to intertwine creativity into your everyday life. 
When researchers studied people in creative fields, one of the main things they found was that they were very good at re-conceptualising the problem before starting on design. Advanced art students whose ideas were judged most creative were the ones that had concentrated the most in this initial ‘problem formulation’. 
They are also good at reconsidering the problem after the task has been completed. A group led by Keith Markman from Ohio University found that people could double their creativity by thinking about the counterfactual or ‘what could have been’. This viewpoint made them come up with even better ideas, and more creative thinking for future problems. 
Whenever you have a task ahead of you, make sure you take the time beforehand to plan out different ways to approach it, coming up with as many creative solutions as possible (even if they are far out). When you are done with the task, then take the time to see what you could have done differently. This will then feed into the creative thinking for your next project. 
Classical art images.  
Every design is unique and different, classical art with a personal touch.  
The artist hand paints each piece differently ensuring it to be original and individual. 
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Bottom's UP 
Gunning for You 
A technological advancement 
To make our world a better place 
Television and computer games show violence 
Which degrades our human race 
Do we solve our problems 
By a violent means of crime 
Or are we lost in our game 
And are we lost in time? 
Do we play to win 
With a violent force of skill 
Or do we feel it’s a sin 
Or do we feel it’s a thrill? 
We are only children 
With an impressionable mind 
So what is the answer 
And what do we find? 
Does love lead to pleasure 
Does hate lead to pain 
Or do we give out good thoughts 
And is violence just a game? 
Do we live by a morel standard 
To make our world a better place 
To walk freely in our surroundings 
To feel secure loved and safe 
A myth of creativity is that it thrives under pressure. Though there are good examples of people coming up with unique solutions in extraordinary circumstances (see the story of NASA engineers during the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission), giving yourself time to think over a problem is far better for a creative solution. 
This is called the incubation time, and seems to be crucial for real creativity. Allowing your mind to wander allows it to take all of the information you have learned (this part is crucial; if you haven’t put anything in, you will get nothing out) and play around with it, trying different ideas and creative solutions. This perceptual decoupling can aid your creative insight. 
As can sleep. Scientists found that having a nap right after learning a task helped the subjects to understand the task better when they woke up. Having a short nap after you have taken in information allows you to remember and use that information better. 
If you are having trouble coming up with creative ideas, make sure you take some time away from your desk, perhaps even in your bed, to allow your mind to rest, assimilate the information, and come up with new and better ideas. 
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Life's Journey 
on a Road to Nowhere 
Seeing a problem from another person’s perspective can also work as a creative strategy. This psychological distance is just like walking away for 5 minutes and giving yourself some time. You will start to see the problem from another viewpoint and that stimulates new ideas. 
New York researchers studied how creative people were coming up with ways to get out of a prison. In the first task, the subjects were asked for ways they would themselves get out of prison, whereas in the second task, they had to help someone else escape. They were far more creative during the second task, when they were not mentally enclosed in a prison cell. 
This is the same idea as the metaphor, think outside the box. When you are in the box, you feel restricted, both physically and mentally, but when you are outside your body and mind can flourish. 
Whenever you come across an intractable problem, try and see it from someone else’s point of view, ideally different to yours to see if that helps you gain insight. 
Walking on the Universe
Fragmented Reality 
In the linear deterministic approach to nature and technology you see a fragmented perception of reality, a loss of the ability to foresee, to adequately evaluate, in all it's complexity. 
The super-rich upgraded to bio-plasma cybernautic astrophysical enities, enhancing them with higher more advanced sensory perception, vision, frequency, memory, knowledge, a big advantage over ordinary humans, only to be discarded when the new Citex A.I. technology evolved. 
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