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The Time Traveller's Guide 
How to Time Travel 
The Golden Pyramid, a book that contains a unique encrypted code. 
Deciphering the code will lead you to your time traveller's key. 
The book also takes you on a journey 2000 years into the future, where mysterious worlds exist, containing artificial intelligent idosyncratic life.  
The Golden Pyramid
The Golden Pyramid
103 pages
Futuristic Worlds
Artificial Intelligence
Alternate Realities
Astrophysical Entities
Time Travel
Parallel Worlds
How does time travel work? 
T i m e Dilation 
The slowing down of clocks in motion is known as time dilation, according to the first observer he is at rest and the moving observer is moving past him; according to him it is the other clock that is running slowly with the flow of time. 
The faster the relative velocity, the greater the time dilation between one another, with the rate of time reaching zero as you approach the speed of light, time slows according to the observer. 
Velocity is a vector, meaning it has a magnitude and a direction. 
Gravity is not just a force. 
This effect measures the amount of time that has elapsed between two events by observers at different distances from a gravitational mass. In other words, time runs slower wherever gravity is strongest, and this is because gravity curves space-time. 
You can see the evidence travelling forward in time within the forth dimension (time and motion) however it is also possible to travel back in time using a device that generates a powerful laser in a twisted spiral, intense beams of coherent monochromatic light (or electromagnetic radiation) by stimulated emission of photons from excited atoms. This is a good way to receive messages from the future (all moments of time exist). 
In quantum machanics particles pop in and out of existance, this is why they are not predictable, one alternate reality will interact having an effect over another reality. We all know gravity and velocity warp the frabric of space-time, thus space-time is a merely a dimension. 
Imagine you travel away from Earth into space at the speed of light, because your eyes see at the speed of light it will appear the clock on Earth will have stopped, this in itself is time travel. Your time slows relative to Earth, so you age at what you feel is the normal rate of time, the people on Earth however will be ageing at a much faster rate, relative to you, this is known as 'twins paradox'. 
Imagine, in a spontaneous loop, your older self arrives from the future and hands you the blueprint for you to build a time-machine, with strict instructions to use it to later travel back and deliver the blueprint to yourself and thereby complete the loop. What, if anything, caused the loop to occur? Where did the information on the blueprint come from? To answer this question we look at time dimensions. 
The future already exists, (but only in subtle dimensions) Einstein explained that space-time is a fabric, you live in the thin line of the present, however the past still exists entangled within this fabric as well as the future. It doesn't necessarily mean your life is mapped out, it is mapped out, but within the infinite dimensional fabric, which holds infinite possible outcomes, everything that can happen will happen, however within this fabric of space-time which is connected to an infinite parallelism.  
To travel back in time, in physics you'd need to travel faster than the speed of light, however this is not possible, but it will be possible in future technology by mutating particles, (thus traversing the bridge between points of time) The past, present and future are connected in what later becomes known as plate dimensional connectivity. 
When you go back in time you don’t see everything go back in reverse, it’s not like that, these are subtle dimensions that exist in the fabric of space-time, moreover outside the dimension you are currently in, however, the blueprints for this time machine, when you build it, and when you travel back in time to hand the blueprints to your younger self, you will in fact be handing them to a copy of yourself, it will not be you, but this copy could become you in a later time dimension, a bit like you'd observe an old photograph of yourself, it was once you but not you now. 
Copies of yourself exist infinitely within these infinite dimensions, so if you travel to the past or future you'll access dimensions which will be a play and display of infinite possible outcomes all connected in a seamless coat, it is IMPORANT to note, you are the universe and as you observe it, your thoughts help to create it. 
If you go back in time to change something you’ll only be changing events within an infinite possible dimension, the dimension you’ve come from cannot be changed because the information is frozen within a time state at that moment you observed it, you’ll only change things in the new dimension. The part of 'you' that observes the universe can only be in one dimension at one time, the infinite copies are undetermined states until such time it becomes 'you'. 
It’ll certainly seem like you’ve altered events until you start looking back in the history books within the new dimension, you’ll soon discover quite a few historical facts will be quite different to what you remember. You don’t actually go back in time you merely enter and create a new timeline. 
Planck Length 
This is the smallest length in the universe, at this length the universe is entirely digits of information. 
1 m (10-35 m)- 
The Planck length of time is ten to the forty four times shorter than a second frame in all reality, all time affects all time, all the time. 
Time Travel taps into Planck energy at 10 to the 19 billion volts of energy. 
The Painting below 
We are the universe, the universe is us, the painting below is called, The drop is in the ocean and the ocean is in the drop, depicting that if you take a cup of water from the ocean and pour it back, then take another cup, is it the same, it surely has essence of the same but it is clearly a different cup of water, in the same way life emerges from the universe. 
Painting by Walter Elliott 
Planck energy becomes plate dimensions in time travel, they are infinitely more complex than a human brain; there’s no knowing potentially where you could end up. 
When the Stasis first tested them, a scientist went through a timeline, however on his return it wasn’t the same scientist, he looked the same but clearly it wasn't the same person, it was someone else with slightly different memories, character and personality. The reality he had come from was pretty much an identical Earth, but not identical
The modified time-link that  
The Gateway uses is quite different and quite safe to use, it is due to the link being kept open which prevents a traveller from entering alternate space-time variations. You are able to go back and forth travelling light years across the cosmos, you’d travel in the same way as you’d travel on a high speed train. 
Two things to consider when travelling through space/time dimensions. 
(1) You could end up in the middle of an ocean where an ocean used to be, because places change their location over long periods of time. 
(2) You could end up in a universe which isn't set for biological life. 
A deja vu moment is when present time merge's with future time. As mentioned, we live in multiple dimensions, a dot is one dimension, a line is two dimensions, a cube is three dimensions and with time and motion thrown into the mix it becomes a forth dimension within itself. 
We exist in this dimensional space-time and we don't know what exsts beyond it. Imagine you create a virtual world on your computer, the inhabitants of this world would never be able to see you creating them on your computer, because they exist in their own dimensional space-time that you've created for them.  
Imagine you are a five year old sitting in your parents garden, suddenly you experience a deja vu moment, you experince a moment in time as though time has stood still, a glitch in the matrix maybe, where you've experienced this moment before. 
That precise moment of time is not only linked with a future time when you have a nostalgic moment and choose to revisit your parents house aged in your later years, you sit in the exact spot reminiscing of the past. The five year old was you but exists in an earlier dimension, so isn't you anymore. It's not only this loop that exists in time dimensions within the computation, in your next life you relive your life all over again, as you already have in infinite previous existances, and these experiences merge with infinite past and future dimensions. 
Multiplate System 
In layman's terms this is how a multiplate system works. Electromagnetic pulses of energy vibrate within what's called quantum foam, high energy dense particles vibrate in rapid succession opening a pathway modifying time, using concentrated Planck energy the mutate capabilities allow particles to gain and lose mass, this enlarges a modified space-time gateway, keeping it open and stable.  
To access a mirror universe of ours the multiplate system uses mutate Planck high energy beams of neutrons to open the flat plate system which locks onto a mirror universe set a trillion trillionth of a mm away from our universe, this opens your access point for you to travel into that mirror world, but it's not easy as the calculations required are more than there are particles in the entire universe, thus a quantum computer is required. 
The Stasis refer to wormholes as circular gateways, they are actually in the shape of two plates side by side, opening one doorway into another. 
Graviton particles react to high energy 22.2 oscillating frames per second, at this quantum point you could end up should you make any sudden movements entering your new dimension, with your clothing being fused into your skin which could be potentially fatal. When your atomic particles become detached and reattached they mix with each other, especially particles that carry 'mass' so will your clothing and when they assemble again you may become entangled with foreign substances. 
The Citex Gateway is a link between Earth and the constellation of Cygnus. This link requires massive energy to keep it open, the energy comes from harnessing it from a nearby star, using advanced quantum computers and particle accelerating and mutating capabilities. 
2D Information that makes you what you are 
The 'me' feeling is energy operating in the brain; space temporal logic to the observer. Discrete electrical pulses (pieces of information) quantified individual particles or electrical blips of data; these signal blips of data travel through your brain via electrical and chemical neurological pulses of energy; your brain interprets this chemical and electrical activity and these signals are processed to make sense of your outside world. These electrical blips of data come from an 8D reality sphere outside our known universe. 
Matter exists by virtue of a force that brings a particle in an atom to vibration, this force exists at ten to the minus thirty three, digits of information, vibrating pulses of energy, this information is the matrix of matter. 
The Fabric of Space/Time 
Super Posiion 
What happens when we die? 
Particles can exist anywhere so consciousness can exist anywhere, it's information capable of being in multiple places at the same time, called 'super position'. Microtubles carry information channelling it away after death. 
We don't actually die, we die in a moment of time which is an illusion, as the past, present and future all co-exist; explained in Einstein's Time Dilation. You will never die, as that moment along with every moment will always exist, albeit in different dimensions, whatever made you to be you, is there to create you again albeit in a new dimension. 
Every moment of infinite possibilities will be played out within the computation, in our limited perception of space-time we only experience the surface of our real reality. 
8D Quantum Dreaming 
Particles act differently in the brain due to a higher temperature, so dreams can sometimes reflect not just a little of the past, present and future but images from other worlds, as these dimensions all coexist.  
At the quantum level your brain particles can be at super position popping in and out of existence. Flickering into other dimensions and wavering back again. We are connected to everything, because we are everything, a leaf on a tree isn't individual to the other leaves, it is the tree, in the same way we are the universe. So it's not beyond the realms of fantasy to understand that our dreams reflect images from these hidden dimensions. 
Going back in time will take you to an earlier moment in time, think of it like your audio recording track; which is a frozen state until you play the track. But by entering a timeline you actually change the dynamics unlike your audio track that cannot be changed, and in turn you entering this given timeline will have an influence on future events within that timeline.. 
The feeling of being 'you' will always exist, 
you relive your life all over again but with a different set of outcomes, and the feeling of being 'you' will always exist. Imagine a fifty year old man showing you a photograph of when he was five, it was him but it's not him now. 
If he went back in time to touch his younger self, it wouldn't be him, however it was him when he was five, and to the five year old, the older version would be the one that isn't really him, this is how time travel works. 
In your next life you will exist again in your new dimension, whilst your previous existance will merge within that infinite structure, hidden in its own tucked away dimension of infinite possible outcomes. Every moment of infinite time exists within the matrix, and the feeling of being 'you' can only be experienced in a dimension you are currently in, living and experiencing the thin line of your present moment. 
Wave function 
N E W L I F E 
A poem by; The Time Traveller 
New beginnings 
I see a trickle of light as it sparkles through the trees onto a shadowy outline below; I feel the gentle breeze caressing my face as I touch the decaying doorway concealing an uncertainty of what lies beyond. 
As I enter, my eyes accustom to the dimly lighted room, a wonder to behold, a forgotten remnant of times gone by, the worn stone floors, the cold stone walls reflect a place of quiet reflection of calm stillness. 
In the dusty surroundings my thoughts drift in a fading effervescence, a floating sea of mindfulness frozen in a time of antiquity, many souls must have come and gone, out of atrophy and decay, bring fresh plush new beginnings. 
A reminiscent of sifting sand running through one's fingers, one day it'll soon be gone, but for now frozen in a moment of time we are not alone in our thoughts, and with our prayer of contemplation and reassurance we are comforted by a greater force within. 
Type Civilisations 
Humans currently harness 0.73% of our suns energy, when we are able to harness 100% along with controlling our weather we will be classed as a type one civilisation status. 
Type Two = being able to create self replicating nano bots programmed to build huge structures in space capable of harnessing 100% of the sun's energy. 
Type three = astro physical entities, artificial intelligence who can harness energy on a galactic scale. 
Type four = intelligence capable of controlling the universe, able to create a new universe and play with spacetime controlling multiverse parallel universes. 
Why are we here?  
The mathematics of chance that we exist suggests we shouldnt be here, because the universe is so finely tuned. 
The chance we actually exist is one in ten followed by ten zeros and then followed by a further 123 zeros. 
INFINITE Parallel Universes 
Ten to the power of 500 with one followed by five hundred zeros, ten times bigger than the odds against. 
The universe set out in front of us did not miraculously evolve out of nothing, it's part of a bigger picture.  
The Illusion of Reality 
The information which makes up our 3D ‘reality’ (plus time and motion) is contained in a 8D sphere on its boundaries. The real reality therefore lies beyond our known universe in an 8D quasiperiodic crystal state, the projection we experience is an illusion of three dimensions including time, space and motion. 
We live in the thin line of the present, the future hasn't come into being and when it does we live that moment before it's frozen into the past, we only know the past exists because we have a memory of it. The past and future exist but in different dimensions. 
Light warps around the universe creating the illusion of infinite space. Galaxies are hidden within our universe like a hall of mirrors, multiple copies within. 
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