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The Secret... Shh... it's only a secret if you don't tell anyone 
What is The Big Secret? 
Everything that comes into your life and everything that you experience comes from an information 2D source. It does so through the power of your thoughts. You are the universe and the universe is you. Through the Universal Law, everything you see around you with the expectation of seeing it, it's this expectation, exploration and observation that actually creates it. 
The overall outline of your life is mapped out from this 2D information outside our known universe, however not everything is set in stone, the power of your thoughts is connected, and if you tap into this wisely you have the ability to bring good things into your life. Although the future already exists, it exists within multiple dimensions that hold all outcomes, you need to guide your life in the same way as you'd steer the rudder on a boat guiding the vessel into calmer waters. 
Believe and you Create 
Savant syndrome, proves we're not all biologically the same and our learning ability in all of us is varied. 
All human beings are unique, science realises that we all have a unique brain, most of us possess skills at a level of knowledge and talent which is more or less a similar standard, moreover because the human species is diverse, sometimes there can be a wider contrast in the brain from one person to another, in some cases it can be quite different making certain people stand out from the rest, known as Savant syndrome. 
Different in such a way that these unique people may lack skills which we take for granted, however they make up for it by possessing a much higher skill which can be so high that it is at a level considered unusual, and their individual thought process is devoted to just this unusual ability, whether in mathematics or a different specialist subject. 
The point is, everyone can benefit from a positive mental outlook in life and the way we project our thoughts is imperative to our achieving our own personal goals that we may be striving towards, yes we can learn lots of things as we go through life with hard work and dedication, to a high standard, however because of diversity within the brain we need to understand our limitations. 
Some of us may be naturally gifted at mathematics, some naturally good at music, or art, or literature, in the way our brain works, it's rather like a Mini compared to a Ferrari, if both cars are in tip top condition the Mini doesn't possess the power of a Ferrari, and sometimes you'll never be able to compete with certain types of people who possess these higher skills owing to their brain being wired differently, but this doesn't mean you shouldn't do everything within your own capabilities to ensure you achieve your best performance within yourself. 
This can be achieved by having the right outlook in life, do the best you can all the time, use positive thoughts and keep yourself and mind in harmony in the best way you can according to your natural ability. 
Put good food in and you'll feel the benefits, put the wrong food in and you will suffer the consequences. Your mind needs positive affirmations before you'll achieve positive benefits. 
Thoughts become Things 
How to manifest your desires 
Step 1: Be clear in your mind what it is you want. 
Step 2: Ask the universe, and believe in the process, visualise in meditation that you already have achieved your goal, don't make the mistake of just wanting it; or all you'll be doing is creating the wanting. You need to believe you already have what it is you desire, that's the subtle secret within the secret that many make the mistake of not seeing.  
Step 3: Don't just sit back and do nothing, you'll need to plant the seeds and show the universe a positive approach to what you are trying to achieve. 
Step 4: Trust in the process and believe strongly in it. 
Step 5: Acknowledge what you receive by thanking the universe. 
Step 6: Keep Your Vibration High. 
Step 7: Clear any negative thoughts you may have. 
Remember; The law of the universe.  
Don't expect the impossible, because no matter how much you believe, you'd never stop yourself falling off a cliff once you've toppled over the edge, keep your desires and goals believable.  
Be Aware of; your natural limitations, take the middle path without being too fanatical, however don't be too restricted on your abilities either in your long term goals, have long term and short term goals, this process needs to start off in small steps, a bit like training for the marathon, after time you'll be amazed at what you can achieve. 
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