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The Ascent of Man 
A painting by Walter A Elliott 
This painting is not for sale. 
The Ascent of Man, believed to be the largest pastel painting in the world. A breathtaking piece of genius, many liken it to a modern day masterpiece, on viewing it for the first time in its sheer size and design, the only word that springs to mind for many is the word "Wow!" 
Walter Elliott’s grandchildren own the masterpiece and have considered housing it in Monte Carlo. 
It’s a rare classic design and hopefully it should be cherished by people who appreciate the finer qualities of art. 
The painting represents early evolution and Earth's diversity of life and how life emerged from the atom, it portrays how a metamorphosis occurred, symbolic of the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. He calls this painting, The Crown of Life. 
The Centre paining is called the Crown of Intelligence and it shows how intelligence has come from life. It flows into the top painting, The Crown of Compassion, the highest aspiration of mankind. 
The Crown of Compassion 
The Crown of Intelligence 
The Crown of Life 
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