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Is the Universe Real? 
We are a shadow of our higher dimensional self 
One of the most fundamental questions we as a species have had since the first flickers of consciousness and self-awareness sparked awake and fluttered within our minds is that of what our reality is.  
What is the nature of our world, our universe, our consciousness? What is our place in this universe and why we are here? What is the nature of our reality? Is it even real at all?  
These are things that have captivated us and driven us to explore our world, and which have captured the tireless pondering of scientists and philosophers throughout the ages. Yet there are no easy answers, and as we have reached out in our unrelenting journey to understand our world and universe, even with our increasing technology these are profound questions which continue to evade us.  
In our efforts to try and make sense of reality there have been various ideas, theories, and philosophies that have sprung up in our attempts to comprehend it, and some of these have turned out to be rather surreal indeed. We will be including more on this at a later date, touching on the stranger attempts and ideas to try and describe our reality and answer the questions that may haunt us until the end of time. 
On a large scale, precision measurements of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) by NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe provided the first hints of an asymmetry in 2004 
WMAP precision data enable accurate testing of cosmological models. We find that the emerging standard model of cosmology, a flat Λ-dominated universe seeded by a nearly scale-invariant adiabatic Gaussian fluctuations, fits the WMAP data. For the WMAP data only, the best-fit parameters are h = 0.72 ± 0.05, Ωbh2 = 0.024 ± 0.001, Ωmh2 = 0.14 ± 0.02, τ = 0.166img1.gif, ns = 0.99 ± 0.04, and σ8 = 0.9 ± 0.1. With parameters fixed only by WMAP data, we can fit finer scale cosmic microwave background (CMB) measurements and measurements of large-scale structure (galaxy surveys and the Lyα forest). This simple model is also consistent with a host of other astronomical measurements: its inferred age of the universe is consistent with stellar ages, the baryon/photon ratio is consistent with measurements of the [D/H] ratio, and the inferred Hubble constant is consistent with local observations of the expansion rate. We then fit the model parameters to a combination of WMAP data with other finer scale CMB experiments (ACBAR and CBI), 2dFGRS measurements, and Lyα forest data to find the model's best-fit cosmological parameters: h = 0.71img2.gif, Ωbh2 = 0.0224 ± 0.0009, Ωmh2 = 0.135img3.gif, τ = 0.17 ± 0.06, ns(0.05 Mpc-1) = 0.93 ± 0.03, and σ8 = 0.84 ± 0.04. WMAP's best determination of τ = 0.17 ± 0.04 arises directly from the temperature-polarization (TE) data and not from this model fit, but they are consistent. These parameters imply that the age of the universe is 13.7 ± 0.2 Gyr. With the Lyα forest data, the model favors but does not require a slowly varying spectral index. By combining WMAP data with other astronomical data, we constrain the geometry of the universe, Ωtot = 1.02 ± 0.02, and the equation of state of the dark energy, w < -0.78 (95% confidence limit assuming w ≥ -1). The combination of WMAP and 2dFGRS data constrains the energy density in stable neutrinos: Ωνh2 < 0.0072 (95% confidence limit). For three degenerate neutrino species, this limit implies that their mass is less than 0.23 eV (95% confidence limit). The WMAP detection of early reionization rules out warm dark matter. 
Perhaps our human senses are deceiving us, maybe existence is an illusion, and reality isn't real. 
How do we really know that everything we see and touch is not just a construction of our mind? 
What is real? How can we be certain that the universe around us actually exists? And how can we know that the world we see matches what anyone else experiences? 
The universe is a hologram.  
The amount of information that can be stored in a region of space is proportional to the region's surface area, rather than its volume, a property known as the holographic principle. One possible implication is that reality is actually two dimensional, and the three dimensional world is merely an illusion, which would explain the strangeness of quantum mechanics. 
Human senses are fallible. What people think they perceive is actually filtered and processed by the brain to construct a view of our outside world. Normally, this filtering is helpful, allowing people to sort important information from the barrage of data that comes in every minute from our environment. 
But this filtering ability can become a weakness, as it often does when we're watching a magician. 
A good magician will tap into deceptions that trick perception. 
holographic universe Cont... 
Professor Kostas Skenderis of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton explains: “Imagine that everything you see, feel and hear in three dimensions (and your perception of time) in fact emanates from a flat two-dimensional field. The idea is similar to that of ordinary holograms where a three-dimensional image is encoded in a two-dimensional surface, such as in the hologram on a credit card. However, this time, the entire universe is encoded!” 
Although not an example with holographic properties, it could be thought of as rather like watching a 3D film in a cinema. We see the pictures as having height, width and crucially, depth – when in fact it all originates from a flat 2D screen. The difference, in our 3D universe, is that we can touch objects and the ‘projection’ is ‘real’ from our perspective. 
In recent decades, advances in telescopes and sensing equipment have allowed scientists to detect a vast amount of data hidden in the ‘white noise’ or microwaves (partly responsible for the random black and white dots you see on an un-tuned TV) left over from the moment the universe was created. Using this information, the team were able to make complex comparisons between networks of features in the data and quantum field theory. They found that some of the simplest quantum field theories could explain nearly all cosmological observations of the early universe. 
Professor Skenderis comments: “Holography is a huge leap forward in the way we think about the structure and creation of the universe. Einstein’s theory of general relativity explains almost everything large scale in the universe very well, but starts to unravel when examining its origins and mechanisms at a quantum level. Scientists have been working for decades to combine Einstein’s theory of gravity and quantum theory. Some believe the concept of a holographic universe has the potential to reconcile the two. 
Scientists now hope their study will open the door to further our understanding of the early universe and explain how space and time emerged. 
Holographic universe 
2D Information 
within an 8 dimensional geometrical sphere 
Theoretical physicists and astrophysicists, investigating irregularities in the cosmic microwave background (the ‘afterglow’ of the Big Bang), have found there is substantial evidence supporting a holographic explanation of the universe. 
The researchers, from the University of Southampton (UK), University of Waterloo (Canada), Perimeter Institute (Canada), INFN, Lecce (Italy) and the University of Salento (Italy), have published findings in the journal Physical Review Letters. 
A holographic universe, an idea first suggested in the 1990s, is one where all the information, which makes up our 3D ‘reality’ (plus time and motion) is contained in a 2D surface beyond our known universe within an 8 dimensional boundary. The principles are the same as the 'Black Hole' scientific explination, where no information is lost, even at the point of the singularity information will be stored within the parameters of the event horizon, the universe could be one large black hole and everything as we know it is being projected from a 2D surface, information stored which has already been played out before and will be infinitely played out with no limit. 
The universe exists one part in ten to the one hundred and twenty decimal places or one part in a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, and if one part was altered the universe would not exist. 
The universe is one of an infinite number with finite hyper spheres with no boundaries or edge. 
8D Quantum Dreaming 
Particles act differently in the brain due to a higher temperature, so dreams can sometimes reflect not just a little of the past, present and future but images from other worlds as these dimensions all coexist.  
At the quantum level your brain particles can be at super position popping in and out of existence. In physics these infinite dimensions stem from 8D information, it is possible to dream images not from this world, moreover reflections from 8D alternate reality information, where identical copies of yourself exist in the infinite computation, experiencing different sets of every day outcomes. 
It is quite right that anyone can experience hallucinations, this sometimes happens when one's sight becomes impaired. A partially sighted person could develop excited brain activity creating these visual images. It's the brain working overtime to compensate for the loss of sight. These hallucinations shouldn't be confused with 8D dreaming. 
Research in recent years has clarified many of these aspects of dreaming, but what may be of greatest significance has been the discovery of a biology of dreaming. Starting with the work of the American sleep researchers Eugene Aserinsky and Nathaniel Kleitman in 1953, studies have shown that a dream does not consist of fleeting imagery that occurs while a person awakens from sleep, but instead that it takes place during a biological state of its own. 
Where do dreams come from and what do they mean? Every culture throughout history around the world, has come up with a different answer, but on one thing they all agree, dreams are of vital significance, and their proper understanding can open up hidden areas of the human psyche, subconscious and soul. 
2D Quantum Dreaming  
Particles act differently in the brain due to a higher temperature, so dreams can sometimes reflect not just a little of the past, present and future but images from other worlds as these dimensions all coexist. At the quantum level your brain particles can be at super position popping in and out of existence. In physics these infinite dimensions stem from 2D information, it is possible to dream images not from this world, moreover reflections from a 2D alternate reality, where identical copies of yourself exist, experiencing different sets of every day outcomes.  
Almost everyone has had what seems to be some form of psychic experience involving an element which cannot quite be explained. Perhaps you have thought of an old friend, when suddenly he or she phones you for the first time in months; or somehow you just ‘knew’ that something terrible was going to happen or had happened to someone very close to you. 
Predicting the future, while many people believe that such abilities are somehow linked with the supernatural, most modern practitioners claim that ESP powers lie dormant in almost all of us, and that training is all it takes to bring them out. Psychics argue that ESP is primary sense like touch or taste, and bears no relation to intelligence or education. Evidence in wild beasts which sense danger and changes in the weather, or in pets that travel long distances to find their owners, is a gift which mankind has somehow forsaken along the road of evolution. 
Telepathic communication 
Controlled scientific experiments have shown that mind messages can be sent over vast distances. Such telepathy is thought to be easier between people who know each other very well, as shown by the many cases of brothers and sisters and twins. Try this experiment yourself, you can make your own ‘zener’ cards, they usually come in packs of 25, but you can make your own experiments with the five main cards – circle, star, wave, square and a cross. One person mentally pictures an image in their mind while the other person tries to guess the correct image. 
The ability of seeing into the future. The Tarot cards is one of the most ancient and revered systems of divination, they have been used successfully for hundreds of years to reveal the secret self and predict the future with astonishing accuracy. They operate as a medium which attunes itself to the deep psychic reverberations of the participant. By showing respect, and by showing faith, the subject enables the cards to become aware of hidden feelings and preoccupations, and then to apply this knowledge to specific future events. When the results are interpreted, personal destiny unveiled. 
OOBEs (out of body experiences) 
Distinctions should be drawn between astral 
Projection, etheric projection and travel, and 
‘out of the body experiences’ (OOBEs). 
OOBEs are usually involuntary; the classic case is floating above your own body in a hospital operating theatre, watching and hearing what is going on during your operation, while your body lies anaesthetised below you. There are too many accounts of this to dismiss the experience as imaginary, and the physiological/psychological explanation does not cover everything. True, we all know what an operating theatre looks like from films, and our ears are still capable of working even if our eyes are closed, so our unconscious brain can listen and interpret what it hears. On the other hand, patients have described in clear detail nurses and doctors who have only been present during the operation itself, or equipment which is not usually in an operating theatre.. 
The Spirit world 
There are many psychics who claim to be on friendly terms with the spirit world and there are many more people who have seen—or heard a ghost. Spirits come in all guises, kindly or terrifying, sad or angry, bringing comforting messages or warnings of disaster. The apparitions that haunt our stately homes, the battlefields of past centuries or the high seas are hard to investigate; they refuse to appear to order and seldom stay to answer questions. They may be ghosts of the dead, ’psychic photographs’ projected into the present or even tricks of the mind but whatever the explanation they continue to fascinate generation after generation. 
Healing energy 
The ‘laying on of hands’ is the method the Christians use to heal the sick, some believe that health can be restored by the casting out unclean spirits, and the belief that a magnetic ‘fluid or force’ worked the miracle. 
For many years psychic healers mentioned seeing a field of light around people they were healing. The light appeared in various colours. Kirlian photography shows the different fields of electric light, passing a mild electrical current through a person’s hand, and then taking a photograph. The colour changes according to the amount of psychic energy, which alters according to the state of mind. This is a way many believe proves the existence of ‘auras’. In the light of recent research, experts now believe that our bodily functions are controlled by an electro magnetic energy, a sort of life force which exists in our body, and that when its flow of energy is out of balance, we feel run down and depleted of energy. 
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