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World of Art Awards 
Please submit your artwork 
Raising money for Good Causes 
1st Prize goes to Louise Bird 
with her Begum Old Lady (oil on Canvas) 
Louise won a World of Art award and Certificate,  
plus £200 in prize money 
Art Excellence 
Two of our Fabulous Judges 
Anette from the Driftwood Gallery in Ilfracombe 
Sylvia from the N D Hospice 
Walter A Elliott 
The World of ART Award was set up in 2014 by Walter A Elliott, at his Elliott Art Gallery in Braunton North Devon. The purpose behind the Award was to help promote new up and coming artists. 
In earlier years Walter spent a lot of time promoting local artists in North Devon, however in later years he wanted to expand by promoting new talent around the globe. 
Quite often new talented artists remain unrecognised until their work receives a certain amount of exposure and publicity, without this, art unfortunately will never receive the attention it may very well deserve. 
In the art world it can be a frustrating process, unless you have celebratory status or provenance behind your art, it will remain unheard of, and in the art world for collectors, undesirable and under valued. It may very well be painted beautifully and complimented by the public, but like most things in life if it doesn’t have a well known label it’ll not receive the attention or have a worthy price tag. 
The World of Art Award is a way to help in this process; to recognise unknown new talent, to give it a stamp of approval in this ever expanding world, where the competition makes it increasingly difficult for anyone unknown to be recognised. 
Junior Art 
1st Prize goes to  
Norah Tittle Aged 7 
With her Salty Sea Dog painting 
Norah won a World of Art award and certificate, 
Norah also won £100 of art materials 
The Elliott Art Gallery (Art Competition) 
submit your artwork 
Art is the result of a creative process from a given individual, and is meant to touch that within others which is immaterial, abstract, insubstantial, "etheric". You could call this, emotions, memories, thoughts, or maybe even the spiritual self. 
Art is not only a painting, a sculpture, or a well designed building. It can be comedy. It can be creating computer games. It can be music. It can be writing a novel, or, perhaps, imagining a whole new universe in a fantasy setting. 
Art is whenever an individual creates an original unique work through their personal creative process, thereby bringing to the world something the world has never seen, exploring new grounds, new concepts, new ideas, in the process. Sometimes this creative process lends and carries on from previous ideas, moreover there is always something new that can be explored. 
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