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La Galerie 
La Galerie 
Laqucia World is about Art, Science, Philosophy, Wisdom and supporting Good Causes. 
We look at new technology along with Earth's sustainability, advancements in A.I. getting smarter, the population expanding, humans evolving and discovering new ways to live longer, the Earth getting hotter and sea levels rising, where will it end? 
We take a glimpse into the future, from atonomous cars, A.I. atonoroid robots, to the more advanced Citex A.I. humanoids. 
Will the Earth survive, moreover will humans survive, and will technology prevail or destroy itself? 
Earth is a diverse world from one extreme to the other and where there is light, there is dark, and where there is pleasure, there is pain.  
So is there such a thing as a perfect World, if so, what would it consist of? 
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