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The Laqucia World of Science and Art  
We look at new technology, philosophy and wise teachings, advancements in A.I. getting smarter, humans evolving and discovering new ways to live longer, the Earth getting hotter, sea levels rising, and with the population expanding, we not only take a look into the future to glimpse at what's going to happen, but how we can learn from this as a species to better ourselves.  
Marvel at autonomous cars, A.I. atonaroid robots in a runaway technology that rapidly evolve into the more complex Citex A.I. humanoids. Will the Earth survive, moreover will biological humans survive, will technology prevail or end up destroying itself? The Earth is a diverse place from one extreme to the other, we all have to fit in somewhere and it's far from being perfect. In the future will there be such a place to call our Perfect World, to escape to in the ultimate experience of awareness, good health and well-being? 
Humans Living Longer 
Ageing is our enemy. It saps our strength, cripples us, and eventually kills us. Yet people are largely unaware and uncaring of ongoing research into ageing and longevity, of the plausible future of rejuvenation bio-technologies, and even of how to make the most of health and longevity using the tools that have come to light, not just improving diet and lifestyle, but from new research carried out over the past 25 years, showing new exciting breakthrough's like the recently discovered molecule that activates genes responsible for protecting us against age related diseases. 


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(Art Class)  The Theme THE FUTURE OF EARTH  at the Elliott Art Gallery  

by La Keechia 

Sensuous as you move the inner thoughts of my mind 
open the door to your heart that I find 
sliding through a tunnel of superlative charm 
my complacent thoughts extricate a love so calm 
desire without meaning desire we resist 
satiated desire as our minds coexist 
too far from reach the sensitive touch 
too close to emotion love means so much 
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Both Science and Art are human attempts to understand and describe the world around us. The subjects and methods have different traditions, and the intended audiences are different, but motivations and goals are fundamentally the same. 
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