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Laqucia World is about art, science, philosophy, wise teachings, and the future of Planet Earth. 
We look at new technology along with Earth's sustainability, advancements in A.I. getting smarter, humans evolving and discovering new ways to live longer, the Earth getting hotter, sea levels rising, and with the population expanding, where will it end? 
Laqucia World takes you on a journey into the future, from autonomous cars, A.I. atonaroid robots which evolve into the more complex advanced Citex A.I. humanoids, to the fate of biological life. 
Will the Earth survive, moreover will biological humans survive, will technology prevail or destroy itself? 
The Earth is a diverse world from one extreme to the other and it's far from perfect. 
In the future is there such a thing as a perfect World?  
CLICK the link below, The Other World
Good Causes  
*North Devon Hospice 
*Children's Hospice 
*British Heart Foundation 
*Shelter for the Homeless 
*Food Banks 
*Food Pantries & Food Distribution 
*Animal Rescue 
Art Classes (the theme) The Future of Earth 
Poetry Art 
Rose Avery 
Like humming birds 
Scientific words 
Fly from his brain 
To the techno-terrain 
Of manifest dreams. 
Themes of glory 
And derring-do 
Emerge with clout 
From his mental brew 
Gene pool/cellular stew. 
He claims his patents 
Make life easier 
Though some of us 
Are getting wheezier. 
But who can better 
The vaulted blue? 
This glorious Earth ? 
Gem of a spiralling universe 
That gives a home 
To every birth 
Where man has made his bed 
And must lie in it too … 
Why should we wish 
to remake the world? 
But oh yes, 
Yes, we do. 
Designed and created by it'seeze
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