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The Laqucia World of Science and Art  
Technology is rapidly accelerating like a runaway train, could there be any implications for the human race in the not too distant future? 
With advancements in A.I. getting smarter, humans evolving and discovering new ways to live longer. What will happen when the elite upgrade to cybernetic organisms, possessing both organic and biomechatronic body parts, along with linking their human brain with A.I. 
China's population is in decline, however, due to the elderly living longer it will be encourage that couples have larger families to boost the economy, however this move will prove dangerous in the future when A.I. humanoids take over the work place, it will leave an expansion of the population surplus to requirement. 
Will Earth become a prison for the less fortunate, A.I. in control, in an environment getting hotter, sea levels rising, and with the population expanding, where will it all end? 
Living forever 
Ageing is our enemy. It saps our strength, cripples us, and eventually kills us. Yet people are largely unaware and uncaring of ongoing research into ageing and longevity, of the plausible future of rejuvenation bio-technologies, and even of how to make the most of health and longevity using the tools that have come to light, not just improving diet and lifestyle, but from new research carried out over the past 25 years; into protecting humans against age related diseases. 
Life expectancy is largely determined by genetics, moreover, by tweaking genes you can reset them, making them youthful again and turning on your survival mode helping you to extend your lifespan. 
The next evolutionary stage into longevity is quite scary, it will divide the rich from the poor, only the world's wealthiest will be able to afford the next stage of expensive upgrades, upgrading the fragile biological body, making it superhuman. 
1. Super sensitive hearing will allow one to hear and see the infrared spectrum. 
2. Artificial skin that will allow one to feel magnetic fields and sound wave vibrations. 
3. A brain implant to merge with A.I. enhancing human memory, accessing information, downloading new skills, and uploading ones memories. 


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by La Keechia 

Sensuous as you move the inner thoughts of my mind 
open the door to your heart that I find 
sliding through a tunnel of superlative charm 
my complacent thoughts extricate a love so calm 
desire without meaning desire we resist 
satiated desire as our minds coexist 
too far from reach the sensitive touch 
too close to emotion love means so much 
Both Science and Art are human attempts to understand and describe the world around us. The subjects and methods have different traditions, and the intended audiences are different, but motivations and goals are fundamentally the same. 
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