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Walter Elliott 
Walter Elliott 
New ways to improve your design skills.  
Harvard University biologist Edward O. Wilson, said "If the World population reached 9 billion, this would be unsustainable, based on calculations of the Earth's available resources". 
The burning of fossil fuels produces around 21.3 billion tonnes (21.3 gigatonnes) of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year. It is estimated that natural processes can only absorb about half of that amount, so there is a net increase of 10.65 billion tonnes of atmospheric carbon dioxide each year. 
Higher than a mountain, far above, 
why do you abuse your planet 
yet show your love? 
along will come thunder with bright white flashes, 
your Earth will be hit and later in ashes, 
a bolt of lightening someone cried, 
but only tears will fill your eyes, 
higher and higher your sea will rise, 
no guarantee to prevent your demise, 
ferociously toxic in a bubbling sea, 
your ocean polluted with a poisoned algae, 
so what is the answer and what will you find? 
a world untenanted is the future of mankind. 
by La Keechia 
Sensuous as you move the inner thoughts of my mind 
please open the door to your heart that I find 
sliding through a tunnel of superlative charm 
my complacent thoughts extricate a love so calm 
desire without meaning desire we resist 
satiated desire as our minds coexist 
too far from reach the sensitive touch 
too close to emotion love means so much 
Preventing arteries from becoming blocked 
The mind, heart, and body can improve with regular meditation. Meditation has gained millions of converts, helping to ease chronic pain, anxiety, stress, improve heart health, boost mood and immunity, and instil a peace and calmness within the mind. 
300 million, trillion miles from Earth lurks a black hole, photograph taken by the Event Horizon Telescope. 
Nuclear Fusion, Earth's Energy of the Future, offering an inexhaustible supply of zero-carbon energy. 
Einstein explained that space-time is a fabric, you live in the thin line of the present, however the past still exists entangled within this fabric as well as the future. 
plus Earth's Energy of the future,  
Nuclear Fusion.  
Also check out the Black Hole that lurks at the centre of our galaxy, 
The Ascent of Man a large pastel triptych, the largest known pastel painting in the world. The first painting shows how life emerges from the atom depicting early evolution, The Crown of Life, this leads to the centre painting, The Crown of Intelligence, where intelligence comes from life, and in the third painting, this portrays the highest aspirations of mankind, The Crown of Compassion. 
The Crown of Life 
A painting by Walter A Elliott 
The Crown of Intelligence 
The Crown of Compassion 
Beyond our universe is an infinite parallelism 
La Galerie 



La Galerie 
The Elliott Art Gallery, Braunton, Devon
Live Longer 
Live Longer 
Nuclear Fusion 
For Sale
The Ascent of Man 
For Sale
The Ascent of Man 
Is the Universe Real? 
The Secret 
BS The Secret 


Walter talks about his painting at The Elliott Art Gallery 
Above: Walter Elliott talks about his pastel painting, The Ascent of Man which is believed to be the largest pastel painting in the world. 
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